Five tips to stay away from drugs during the holidays

CADAM recognizes that some Nigerians will choose to consume alcohol, cannabis or other drugs while celebrating the holiday season and the New Year.

While your safest option is to not consume these substances at all, you can prevent the risk of potential harms by understanding the health and safety risks.

Below are tips to prevent health risks and potential harms associated with using alcohol, cannabis and other drugs:

Do not drink and drive.

Do not get into a car if you suspect the driver has consumed alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, and ensure that the driver does not continue driving.

Avoid mixing substances such as alcohol, cannabis and other drugs. The results can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Never leave your drink unattended, and do not accept drinks—even water—from someone you do not know and trust.

Do not mix alcohol with energy drinks. This can mask symptoms of intoxication.

Keep a clear mind this holiday and beyond. Stay away from hurt.

Drug maims. Drug kills.

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