CADAM Rehab Facilty

CADAM is built and driven by Christian values and beliefs. We focus on faith in God as the primary source for addiction recovery. Our name underscores this belief and trust.

Drug abuse disconnects the addict from God. At CADAM, we therefore  put into connection this disconnection that occurs with drug abuse and addiction because we believe that the power of God is stronger than the bonds of addiction.

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    CADAM offers a One (1) Year Rehabilitation Program in our ultra-modern camp facility at Araga, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria. The camp plays host to the Care givers and recovering addicts, who we refer to as the ‘Beneficiaries’


    At our rehabilitation facility we cater for both male and female adults aged 18 years and above. We provide accommodation for the beneficiaries in our modern hostels namely, Liberty House for men who have newly enrolled into the First Phase of the Program.
    After graduating from Phase 1, the Men move on to live in Ebenezer House for another six months to allow for new intakes into Liberty House.
    The female beneficiaries on the other hand are housed in a separate hostel, the Triumph House, where they live all through the duration (12 months) of their stay at our Facility


    All beneficiaries are admonished in the way of the Lord with spiritual discipleship & Christian Religious knowledge being at the core of what we teach. So they all receive teachings from the Pulpit in our spacious Chapel on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays. And of cause during special events.

    Lecture Hall

    In Araga, beneficiaries are kept busy most of the time as our curriculum is all inclusive. Lectures go on in the different lecture rooms every day of the week to shed more light on issues that pertains to their present situation, family and society at large.

    Dining Hall

    Sumptuous meals are served daily to all in the dining hall with special attention paid to the nutritional requirements of the Beneficiaries.

    Our Vocational Center

    We provide Skills acquisition training for Beneficiaries who have successfully graduated to Phase 2 of our program. Here they are taught various skills that will be of commercial benefit in life post rehab. We offer vocational training in the following departments