Our Services

CADAM offers a comprehensive range of services that serves both male and female. We provide our services to people of all nationalities that are involved in the different stages of drug and substance abuse. We have categorised our service delivery into three(3) levels


We offer preventive programs to protect people from developing a drug problem in the first place while also providing help for those who are already in the habit of using drugs.


Our Rehab Program is One Year and our method of approach is faith-based. Beneficiaries engage in various activities that are specific to the exact needs of the individual.


To reinforce the recovery skills learned while in rehabilitation, we encourage beneficiaries to participate in CADAM Alumni.



We provide the general public with information and programs designed to raise awareness of drug addiction, risk factors and profer easy strategies to talk about drug abuse

Policy Intervention

At CADAM, we collaborate with other Stakeholders in social health to develop Policy Intervention strategies that will help change harmful drug regulations that deal with drug problem.


At our Counselling Session, the counsellor helps each counselee develop a personal strategy for tackling drug addiction, build a roadmap for recovery and also provide a great deal of guidance, help and support to supporting families and friends.


We advocate for legislation that reduces our nation’s drug abuse burden by bringing our message to both public and private forums in order to focus attention on this epidemic called ‘’Drug Abuse”.


Drug Free Therapy

Our mode of detoxification is called ‘’Cold Turkey’’ whereby the addicted person stops taking the drug and let it leave the system naturally. This process generally produces ‘’Withdrawal Symptoms’’ which can be intensely unpleasant but we at CADAM give each beneficiary a safe and controlled environment in which they can go through changes of the body breaking free of the drug dependence.

Spiritual Therapy

Our method of approach is faith-based. At CADAM, we realise how important faith is in the healing process. Spiritual therapy begins the process of total healing from the inside out with the use of Bible teachings and readings.

Life Skills

Beneficiaries are taught skills that provide them with opportunities to engage in social learning and development.

Vocational Skills:

We have a well-equipped Vocational Center where the following Vocational Skills are taught. Barbing & Hair Dressing, Ankara & Bead Making, Home Economics, Photo & Video Editing, Soap Making & Other Chemical Work, Tailoring, Laundry, Leather Works and ICT .


Family/Community Integration

During rehabilitation, we work with beneficiaries to develop their aftercare plans in preparation for integration to their community, family and employment/school.


We offer mentoring as part of our aftercare services. As part of our aftercare support we introduce volunteer role models to beneficiaries who are trying to achieve a particular personal or professional goal.


We extend our support and expertise to all our beneficiaries and their families, to make sure that the changes our beneficiaries’ make in their lives are truly lasting by making regular check-ups and calls.

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