CADAM- Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry

Our Vision

We want to be at the forefront of drug abuse prevention in Africa and an international referral centre of excellence for drug rehabilitation and after care services.

Our Core Values

  •   Teamwork
  •   Communication
  •   Commitment
  •   Integrity
  •   Accountability

Our Mission

To identify, prevent and combat the multiple causes and effect of drug abuse through the development of effective programmes and services. This is because we are committed to make individuals, families and communities free from the scourge of drug abuse and addiction thereby improving on their social health.

CADAM’s Rehab Centre in Nigeria is the only facility that provides its services free to beneficiaries and had been doing this for the past twenty seven (27) years.


CADAM offers a One (1) Year Rehabilitation Program in our ultra-modern camp facility at Araga, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria. The camp plays host to the Care givers and recovering addicts, who we refer to as the ‘Beneficiaries’.

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