Drowning – A Poem on Drugs

Oh, help me
I do not know where I am
I do not know who I am
I wonder how I got here
I wonder what to say
I do not know what to do
My hands feel different than before
My world feels unlike my own
I do not know where I am
Oh, help me find my way
I am drowning in this sea of pills
And I do not see a lifesaver.
Can you manage for me a hand?

I hate to see you like this
You say it is no big deal
But I know that what you are doing is wrong
No matter how you may feel
Your body does not need that
It is why you feel so sad
But I know that you are not listening
And when I tell you, it makes you mad.
I wish that you would stop.
Please see that these drugs are no good.
I hope that you know I love you.
Please see that these drugs are no good.

I will no longer do any drugs
I will never take another
I say this to myself each day
But I always find another

I have taken all the classes
I know that drugs are wrong
But when I take them I feel good
How can that be so wrong?

I tell myself I will not take anymore pills
But I always find another
None of my friends seem to understand anymore
I guess I’ll just find another

I know that I have lost a lot
But the pills make me feel good
I wonder if without them,
if anything can make me feel as good.

Drugs have my friend Joe
He used to know my full name
Now he knows me not

I have a friend named Meth
She is the only friend I know
And when she leaves me high and dry
I turn to my friend Blow
My friends–they poison me.
But isn’t that what all friends do?
I feel that I am falling apart.
I know not what to do.

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