I’m Temilola, i want to thank God for my life and for how far He has brought me. With God my life would have had no meaning. I was lost but He found me. My story is more or less like that of the prodigal son. I was caught up in a world where I wanted to have things done my way and live life to the fullest. It cost me everything dear to me, it destroyed relationships, trust, my future was going dime. And the Devil used drug addiction and a fraudulent lifestyle to blind me and set me up for destruction. But God who loves His own delivered me from the scourge of drug addiction and brought me into his marvelous light. I found a place called Cadam and that was the turning point for me. God used this institution to guide me back to the path and purpose God had written for me. And today I’m a better person, I lover of God, a fighter and drug free. Bless God and thank Him for a place like Cadam
My name is toluwanmi , i am 25years old, life has been beautiful, and the future holds so much promise, when i was 14 years old i got introduced to Marijuana and nicotine through my neighbor and my life became fueled with arrogance and rebellion to my parents and everthing around me , I got hooked on it and slowly started to try stronger things due to my curiosity and thirst for adventure…i stumbled on freebase cocaine (crack) and then everything went downhill , i lost everything and i mean everything. One time i had used so much crack my body started to burn up and i decided to take a shower and i slumped in the bathroom. Lay in my own blood till i regained consciousness and then i knew i had a problem, my dad mention a rehabilitation centre called C.A.D.A.M and i decided that since i couldn’t help myself i better go find some help and i went it for the complete program and through the healing power of God. I am clean and Sober enjoying a drug free life.
From Victim To Victor

I will start my story by thanking God for his abundantly redemptive power to deliver and save me from my hopeless state of drug addiction.

Today, the 12th day of May, 2019 marks about 9 years of my absolute freedom from drug use and addiction, and separation between me and the social derelicts of the society to join the mainstream of the sanitized humanity.

My escapades into drug use and addiction started in the year, 1983 when the use was first considered a social prestige and a fashion fad that got you noticed and popular amongst your circle of friends. This was a vicious circle that lasted 27 years until the year, 2010 when by divine providence the redemptive searching hands of God mercifully sought me out for mercy and deliverance.

My indulgence started out with cigarette smoking and liquor drinks in the street corners of my neighborhood Ikeja, Oshodi during my adolescent years when i was about 17 years of age immediately i finished through with my secondary school education and was prospecting for admission into the university to study medical science. As the years progressed onward, i was deeply getting involved until when i decided to work briefly before going further with my studies. I was employed by a prominent bank in Nigeria, and was posted to Berkeley Street Branch, Obalende, Race-Course, Lagos. It was here at Okesunna Street, a suburb of Obalende that the substance of cocaine, heroin and marijuana were introduced to me by some bad influence i got interacted with around in that neighborhood.

At the initial stage of it, the situation was manageable for me as i was still able to disguise it and cope in a normal and reasonable way until after a few years later when it got out of hand, and i come under a full grasp and control of addiction, and hell was let loose on me. From that moment on, it was never the same for me again. I became shabby, disoriented, and started to manifest the nauseating characters and behaviors of drug addicts, except that i never stole or did anything criminal.

My Journey to freedom started when the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Glorious Center Parish domiciled in the residential enclave of Shitta came on their routine evangelism mission, to preach the gospel of the good news of hope and salvation about our Lord Jesus Christ to us, the lost souls in the expectation to rescue and free us from the clutch and manipulation of the devil who was bent on truncating and destroying our glorious destinies thereby condemning us to eternal damnation and hell fire.

Thereafter, the process and follow up efforts of the church which had arranged and sent me amongst many other on rehabilitation program in collaboration with a drug rehabilitation center named, Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry (CADAM) in the rustic suburb of Epe township which eventually culminated in my freedom and new lease of life and a guarantee for a better today and glorious tomorrow is now left to history.

Today, i am like the proverbial Phoenix bird that rose from the remains of its ashes, free to look up to a future with hope and aspirations.

I’m indeed a Treasure out of darkness Who did it? JESUS!!!
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